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Plywood Report: Le Pain Quotidien, Lucifer's Pizza, Maison Metro, Milkshakes, My House, More

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1) Larchmont: A few months ago we announced that Le Pain Quotidien will be taking over the former La Luna, the family-run eatery that fought hard to stay open in the neighborhood. Here we have some snaps proving that it is indeed an LPQ, with all the proper licensing orders in place. No opening dates announced, but within a few months sounds appropriate. [PLYWOOD]

2) Los Feliz: Here's just a bit of info for at least one of the two pizza places we spotted earlier this summer. Lucifer's on Hillhurst (between Finley and Clarissa) has lots of gimmicky signage up and a quirky tagline, which doesn't ease the mind of the Flickr user who snapped the image above: "If the proprietors are putting this much emphasis on the shtick, it makes me wonder about the pizza." [PLYWOOD]

3) Downtown: Per Angelenic, Maison Metro will take up the ground floor retail space at the Mandel Lofts on 7th and Olive. The main restaurant, Té, which will feature contemporary Thai cuisine, plus a Parisian-style teahouse called Salon Thé, and separate gourmet market called Epicuria. They hope to start construction by August and finish by the end of the year. [PRE-PLYWOOD]

4) Downtown: Curbed has news that a restaurant is planned for the new LAPD headquarters being built at 1st and Main. Although we don't know what it will be, the space looks over a one-acre park. [PRE-PLYWOOD]

5) West Hollywood: Just a quick cellphone snap update of Millions of Milkshakes on SMB, which got rid of the "Britney Milkshake, Lindsay Milkshake, Paris Milkshake" signage that kind of made us cringe. (Do you really want to know what Britney's milkshake tastes like?) Looks to be coming along nicely with fancy new signage on top of the windows. Still shooting for a summer opening. [PLYWOOD]

6) Hollywood: So all of David Judaken's plans to turn Garden of Eden into a new nightclub called Heir? Yeah, scrapped. Metromix says that after "an inspiring conversation" with designer Dodd Mitchell (total blast from the past), Judaken will now turn the space into something akin to Villa, with an "exclusive party house vibe," called My House. The design idea is to simulate different rooms of a house, so a dining room, media room, kitchen and even a backyard barbecue. Opening sometime between fall and end of the year. [PLYWOOD]