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Lawry's Chef Held a Gunpoint This Morning, Still Open For Dinner Tonight

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Now here's a morning headline that would normally get our attention, and no idea how it slipped past us until just now: "Chef Held At Gunpoint During Robbery Attempt At Beverly Hills Lawry's." Two armed suspects entered the Lawry's loading dock on La Cienega around 6am and held exec chef Walter Eckstein at gunpoint and then fled to the Miracle Mile area. Police pursued them, fired about 12 rounds into their pickup near San Vicente Boulevard and Fairfax; two were wounded, no officers were hurt. Lawry's general manager Todd Johnson told KNBC the safes were locked: "There would be no way of getting any money out of them. The guys picked the wrong restaurant." How stoic! We're told the chef is fine ("he's good strong German man") and the police have been doing an investigation at the restaurant all day today, but the prime rib house is on track to open tonight at 5pm.
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