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Extravaganza of the Senses Ticket Giveaway: The Winners!

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Thanks for all the fun entries for the Extravaganza of the Senses Ticket Giveaway. Some honorable mentions go to the Close to Home meal at Grace, Angelini Osteria's lasagna verdi, the gorgeous spinach gnocchi at Massimo, and a too-disgusting-to-print (but hilarious) entry for Grand Lux Cafe, but here are the selected two, not only for their green color and green philosophies, but for the hardships they endured: Anyone deserves VIP tickets after glass shards and hippies.

Winner #1: "Aside from being a bowl of guacamole, which is a shade of green found nowhere in the color spectrum for avocado except at El Coyote, it had a large shard of thick glass in the middle of it. I can only assume the kitchen was conserving water and energy by disposing hazardous materials NOT in the dumpsters, but distributing it evenly amongst their customers."

Winner #2: Euphoria Loves Rawvolution's seed cheese wrap. "Sunflower seed cheese, fresh cilantro and basil, clover sprouts, California avocado, whole leaf dulse, tomatoes, green onions and Italian olives in a collard green wrap. Everything here is made of hemp, recycled material, compostable, all the food is packaged so that it is zero waste, everything can decompose. And I was accosted by a hippie who was high."

Thanks again to all who submitted entries. Remember, if you want to go to the Extravaganza on July 19, tickets are still available and can purchased here. Thanks to the Saban Free Clinic for offering these tickets to Eater LA readers.