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The Shutter: Celadon's Rumored Closure

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Folks, you're good. For the second time in a row, you played the Name That Restaurant game and not only were your guesses correct, but the restaurant is shuttering not too long after. This note just hit the inbox: "A friend who works at Celadon restaurant on 3rd Street told me that they are closing after Saturday. It is too bad because I thought that the restaurant was beautifully designed and that the food was great, certainly a huge improvement to the pathetic YI Cuisine. I do know that they constantly had management issues which proves even if you have great food and ambiance, if your front of the house doesn't know what the fuck they are doing it will be the death of the place!"

This is still unconfirmed since no one's answering the phone at the restaurant, but it's been a struggle for Celadon just as it was for Yi Cuisine before it. Miss Irene didn't hate it, but that's when it was still "Celadon Galerie Culinaire" and not "Celadon Global Tapas Lounge." And before the random tapas signage stuck on the front of the building that made people think Celadon was already closed. Maybe people just didn't know what to make of it. And if it is closing, maybe something interesting will replace it. Stay tuned.
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