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Move Over Frappuccino: Starbucks Going Bananas

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So we heard that the new frozen Starbucks treat would be something called the Sorbetto, but the talk today is all about the Vivanno, another new drink, a smoothie-like concoction that Starbucks doesn't want you to call a smoothie. Both the Sorbetto and Vivanno will be unleashed to the public tomorrow, July 15, according to baristas at the Old Town Pasadena location. Signage was all over the place for the Sorbetto---the chalkboard ("1 day!"), stickers all over the door and windows, even the ones looking into the adjacent Barnes & Noble store. They told us it's "basically a drinkable sorbet...with yogurt." The Vivanno, the anonymous 'Bucks barista blogger tells the world, is "blended like a frappuccino, BUT NOT LIKE A FRAPPUCCINO AT ALL because they aren’t going to clog your arteries." Vivanno's flavors are orange-mango-banana and banana-chocolate. Why all the banana? Because they're made with one whole real banana, which the Starbucks honchos seem to be, um, bananas over because it sounds healthier than 20 ounces of sugar-doused sugar with extra sugar and fat. Reuters actually questions whether this is the coffee juggernaut's "new Frappuccino," but that might be a stretch. Starbucks isn't, nor do they need to be, a Jamba Juice. Supposedly there are at least four shops selling the Vivanno and/or Sorbetto in the LA are, and we know the Pasadena store is one and another in Burbank. Expect lots of free tasters.
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