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Scenes From the Concern Foundation Block Party

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We checked out the annual Concern Foundation Block Party at Paramount Studios on Saturday, a huge foodie event that raises money for cancer research worldwide. Here, some sights and sounds from the night:

1) The theme was "The Sixties," which doesn't really explain the greeter chicks on stilts with their asses hanging out at eye level but does explain two long sets from "Beatlemania" that everyone (OK, us) really got into.

2) There was some pretty tasty food from the forthcoming Sashi in Manhattan Beach, Jian, Blue on Blue, The Grill and Mr. Cecil's, so it's unclear why the Pink's line was the most ridiculous all night. We joked with one woman that this crowd wouldn't be caught dead waiting in line on at the La Brea stand, but since they paid $350 a head, it was OK. She failed to see the humor while waiting for her hot dog. Crickets.

3) No real wine focus at this event, but the booze selection wasn't half bad. Most impressive was the Intelligentsia cart where baristas individually brewed each espresso and latte, the latter topped with the signature foam art to boot. Of course, the line was also ridiculous.

4) There is nothing like reckless gambling with fake money. One backlot street was turned into a casino where we dominated at a blackjack table and then turned in our winnings for raffle tickets. We left empty handed. It's all for a good cause and all, but damn, why can't we play like that in Vegas?

5) There were too many unused reserved tables which made walking between food tables pretty tight. On the other hand, half the fun is pretending to be Pepper and Ira, Richard and Gertrude, and Barbara and Sam at various intervals.