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DOH Chronicles: Newsroom Cafe Reopens

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The Newsroom Cafe saga continues. We stopped by the Roberston Boulevard eatery over the weekend to see if business was affected by the recent DOH shutter for "vermin infestation," and the answer is no, not really. Wide open for business on Saturday, we overheard one woman say (in that cliche SoCal pseudo-hippie-surfer drawl) "Oh nooooo...the Newsroom has a 'B'!" After learning that the 'B' came after a 'C' and a closure, she proceeded to get a table on the patio for a late lunch/early dinner. Inside, there were a few customers but not many; the Ivy and shops along the street were packed. We tried to get an official statement from restaurant management but each person we called told us to call someone else, and no one has returned our calls yet. The manager on duty said the cafe closed "for repairs"; a TMZ follow up says it was a cockroach outbreak.
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