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Serious Rant: Philippe's Mustard Removal

Blasphemy! From one angry French dip lover: "Who's the stupid idiot in the health department that forced the removal of the Mustard pots on the tables at Philippe!? Are they serious? A 100 year old tradition out the window because of some by-the-book bs! Seriously?! If it was good enough in 1908, it's good enough for 2008. They have a squeeze–ee bottle at the counter with little paper cups you can fill up. But really. Come on! After 100 years, NOW it's unsanitary. The waitresses were laughing in agreement at my (and others) irritation over the ridiculousness." Confirmed. Apparently as of yesterday, no more mustard pots on the tables, but the sinus-clearing goodness is still available by request. No word on when the mustard pots will return.

***UPDATE*** We spoke with someone from Philippe today. The health department was to blame; they just couldn't look past those mustard jars and little spoons any longer. According to the staffer, they had to change the receptacle to the aforementioned squeeze bottles and the mustard is back on the tables. Not as aesthetically pleasing, we suppose, but way more sanitary. [Photo via Flickr]