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More Shutter, Valley Edition: Milano's Warner Center Closed

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From an operative way out in the Valley: "The Valley institution Milano's has closed up shop without warning. Earlier, they had a sign up saying they were closed for the week of the Fourth of July but never reopened. The doors are chained shut but everything inside the restaurant remains untouched." The outgoing phone message suggests it's business as usual, but the somewhat teary signage says Milano's will reopen somewhere else. We'll call this one confirmed. We don't know much about the restaurant, but the chef page on the website made us chuckle: "This is Luigi. He’s our authentic Italian chef from Florence, Italy. He doesn’t understand why we keep calling him ‘authentic’. He doesn’t know there are other Italian restaurants around that don’t have authentic Italian chefs (and we don’t plan to tell him)." Hopefully Luigi found a good home.