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The Shutter: Pacifico's Culver City

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While new restaurants are busting open and others bursting at the seams in downtown Culver City, all signs point to bad times at Pacifico's---literally. From a tipster: "Walking back from M Chaya yesterday, I saw the Pacifico's with a double whammy. B rating on the door and a suspension of its liquor license. Maybe this place will finally leave, I never got why people dined there. It looked closed and I think it's supposed to be open on Sundays." Signage on the door says "closed for remodelation," but the phone and website are both disconnected, so this shutter sounds pretty permanent. The owner, Howdy Kabrins, closed his Howdy's Taqueria across the street a few months ago (now a brand-spanking new Chipotle), but Howdy's Malibu is still open. Maybe Howdy just had enough with Culver City or vice versa. On the plus side, there's potential for another new restaurant right on the main CC drag.