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Post Plywood: Ivan Kane's Cafe Was

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Lots of activity around Ivan Kane's Cafe Was at Sunset + Vine over the weekend. After inhaling construction fumes during brunch at the Hungry Cat next door, we popped over and noted more color than the last time we saw it, but still couldn't tell if it mirrored the renderings or not. Kane was outside talking on his cellphone and told a passerby that the place will open in two weeks (reps say July 30). Since he's really pushing this as a restaurant, it's notable that Tim Goodell from the Domaine Restaurant Group (Dakota, 25 Degrees, Red Pearl Kitchen) consulted on the French-leaning menu (moules frites, onion soup, burger with prosciutto, brie and egg, caviar and toast points). Expect dinner nightly, weekend brunch, a staircase to nowhere, and no burlesque but there will be a revolving piano in the center of the room.
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