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The Kress Menu Revealed

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We know you were waiting with bated breath: The Kress dinner menu is here. This is Troy Thomspon's return to LA and he brings pan-Asian creations like Thai beef tamales, Chinese orange chicken, kimchi Manila clams and tandoori spice lamb for the "dine-a-tainment" crowd (to quote a commenter). It sounds very RockSugar, but it's different enough from nearby Geisha House and Katsuya, except for the expensive and overly concocted sushi (the Vis Cu So: deep-fried pork katsu and cream cheese topped with tonkatsu sauce and roasted goma in honor of owner Mike Viscuso). The restaurant is open nightly (except for Mondays), and for those who plan to pretend to eat just to get access to the other floors: Everyone in the party needs to order an entree to get into the basement nightclub for free (usually something like $30 per person), and it's bottle service only for the second-floor or rooftop lounges. Sorry.
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