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MontanaWire: R+D Kitchen Opens This Week

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Those Montana dwellers are a bunch of alkies. The excitement surrounding the Hillstone Group's new R+D Kitchen has less to do with having another dining option nearby than it does with having booze. From two tipsters in the last few days: "It's got a nice open air design and though it looks a little corporate, the bottles at the bar are already tempting me" and "those panels along the front of the restaurant really do open just like garage doors. It'll be a nice place to grab a cocktail and watch the foot traffic on Montana when it opens. Yay!! Finally a place with a full liquor license on Montana again!" Although one tipster spotted a couple R+D trainees in a nearby Starbucks who said the resto will open on Sunday, we called and confirmed that they might open tomorrow night if all goes well, but the plan is to definitely open by Friday for lunch and dinner. Here's a peek at the menu. Drinks all around. (1323 Montana Ave, 310.395.3314)
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