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The Dish: Dena House, Stork, Upper Manhattan Martini Lounge

PASADENA: The Dena House proudly announces that it finally opened in Old Town, but just as initially expected, the "everything for everyone" concept might not be the right tack: Some Yelpers found the space odd, the music bad, the use of paper napkins a complete offense, and the menu all over the place (burgers to pork chops with red beans and rice to sushi). It's going to take a lot more than that to last longer than previous tenants. (42 S De Lacey Ave, 626.405.9114)

HOLLYWOOD: New resto-lounge Stork half opened this week. Owners name-dropped in the Guide include Grace Fernandez, Loyal Pennings, John Terzian, DJ AM, with Steven Arroyo overseeing the menu. Stork is described as "postindustrial chic" with exposed brick, concrete everywhere, windows "sourced from New York," indoor/outdoor bi-level lounge, and will have a "tight door." Everything a Hollywood resto-lounge would be. The restaurant side supposedly opened this week---no menu descriptions yet---the lounge later this month. ***UPDATE*** The Guide jumped the gun: Reps confirm the restaurant is still in friends & family phase, not open to the public yet. By the time it is, hopefully we'll know what they're serving, too. (1738 N Orange Dr, 323.462.3663)

MANHATTAN BEACH: For better or worse, lines, crowds and beachy swank can now be found at the Upper Manhattan Martini Lounge, which opened July 4th weekend. There's live jazz and burlesque dancers a la Forty Deuce on some nights. Menu is all over the map, from vegetable and haloumi stacks to seared duck with Swedish glogg sauce, which sounds like a direct rip-off of something from Marcus Samuelsson's Aquavit cookbook. (3600 Highland Ave, 310.545.2091)