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Plywood Update: Susan Feniger's Street

Here's a brief check-in with Susan Feniger's Street, the "global street food" concept and solo project for the Border Grill/Ciudad chef. Demolition only just started in the spring, but you can see it's stripped to bones and work is afoot. Signage invites The Dive fans to come back in a couple months for something they "promise will be very exciting and worth the wait." Feniger last told us she was shooting for a September debut, and it's difficult to gauge if that's still the target. Let's just say Street will open by the end of the year (isn't that what they all say anyway?). Think about this: Hopping from the Mozzas to Street for a little nibble here, a nosh there. Tasty.
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Susan Feniger's STREET

742 N Highland Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90038 323 203 0500 Visit Website