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Plywood: Apple Restaurant and Lounge, Sushi on Sunset, Church & State, More From An Family

WEST HOLLYWOOD: From the looks of the above pics, Bryan Ogden's Apple Restaurant and Lounge is still under considerable construction on Robertson Boulevard (former Pearl). More about the restaurant from chef Ogden: "Apple is my first chance to break away on my own and do my own project away from my father's company. It is an incredible opportunity for me to do get back to California and be closer to the farmers. The menus will consist of strictly seasonal, daily changing menus that are highlighted by organic produce and substainable seafood and naturally raised meats and poultry. The beverage program will have the same focus with great emphasis on food and wine pairings." The father he references is Bradley Ogden, known for the same food philosophies at restaurants like Lark Creek Inn and Bradley Ogden in Vegas. Apple should open in early August. The adjacent Pussycat Dolls Lounge is set to open around the same time. [PLYWOOD]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: Work is almost finished with Sushi on Sunset, the former Empress, which replaced Sushi on Sunset. Confusing? One of the Empress partners bought out the others and retained rights to the original SoS name. An odd choice. But the name isn't the only returning aspect: Chef Rod Aglibot is once again consulting on the menu (he did the same for Empress), so expect the same pan-Asian fusion dishes he popularized at Koi and Yi. The space is getting a redo, but it will still be two stories with a lounge and dining room. Slated to open in early August. [POST-PLYWOOD]

DOWNTOWN: We have a newish pic of Steven Arroyo's Church & State at the Biscuit Lofts and although it looks to be in a state of limbo---same taped signs to the dirty glass doors as a few months ago, stuff along the windows---we're told it's going to open "any day now," which translates into sometime in the next few weeks. We last guessed August, so maybe it's right on track. [POST-PLYWOOD]

SANTA MONICA: We've mentioned before but have a few more details on the An An Market Café opening in the Santa Monica Business Park, which houses MTV among others, from the An family. The cafe will have a sit-down area and cafeteria-style grab-and-go items, and it won't be a Crustacean clone (although there will be a noodle station.) Shooting for a late-September debut. [PLYWOOD]

SOUTH COAST PLAZA: More from the An Family: An Q Bistro just broke ground in the Bloomingdale's near Charlie Palmer's new restaurant. We previously misspoke: Spacecraft Design is not on board, but we're sure it will still be fashionable (it has to be for that location). Tentative opening date for the Costa Mesa bistro is December. [PLYWOOD]