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Eater Inside: Loteria Grill

This here is just a quick snapshot of Loteria Grill's debut night in Hollywood. From the time we first saw the soaring space, there's already been some added improvements---giant loteria cards around bars, for instance, and one very large painted red wall---but there is still a little work to be done. Owner Jimmy Shaw eventually wants to add an enclosure so the patio doors can open to the sidewalk; he'll smooth out a few service issues and maybe perfect the margarita recipe, too, but all in all, people seem to love having the cochinita pibil right there on the boulevard. The menu is virtually identical to the Farmers Market original, but that's OK. When you get down to it, there's either really crappy cheap food around there, or overpriced glammed up fare, and not much in between (relax: we said "not much," not "nothing"). So, yeah, this works. More Loteria Grill tracking, previously.