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Hollywood Condo Owners File Lawsuit Against SBE

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On one hand, SBE must be thrilled that its nightclub/lounge S Bar is doing so well on the corner of Hollywood and Vine. On the other, it's doing so well that it's pissing off people who plunked anywhere from $700,000 to $2 mil for a condo in the Broadway building that houses it and Katsuya restaurant. According to TMZ, a lawsuit was filed yesterday in L.A. County Superior Court by residents who say the bar is operated in an "unreasonably and unacceptably disruptive manner." Gripes include: The music is so loud "many residents have been unable to fall asleep prior to 2:00 in the morning," and that SBE and the Kor Realty Group have totally and "callously" ignored their complaints, all while raking in "huge profits."

Reps for SBE say they "don’t comment on pending litigation," but one tipster suggests it's totally baseless: "When they bought the condos there were disclaimers and waivers out the ying-yang. Who buys a condo above a nightclub on hollywood and vine and expects total silence?"
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