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Reality TV Watch: Another Top Chef Spinoff

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Yesterday Bravo announced a slew of returning and new series, but tucked among the Real Housewives of Orange County/NY/Atlanta and various fashionista shows with Tim Gunn, Rachel Zoe and Tommy Hilfiger, we find this:

A spin-off of the Emmy-nominated hit series “Top Chef” and from producers Magical Elves, “Top Chef: Masters” unites some of the brightest stars in the world of food, award-winning, widely-renowned Chefs who will compete against each other in a series of weekly challenges.
Without more specifics we envision something like Top Chef meets Iron Chef, but would they, could they, sequester chefs of a certain caliber, true 'masters'? We can't see Waters, Flay or even the Myers hole up in one house for an entire season, traipsing through the streets in Toyotas talking about Glad wrap. And who will be the guest judges? Former cheftestants? Bourdain? The possibilities are endless.
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