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EaterWire: Asia Bistro Now Kuma Sushi, BLD Now Takes Ressies, Axe Now Has Patio Seats, More

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ATWATER VILLAGE: You don't have to be a rocket surgeon to know how this one would turn out: It was only a few months ago that Asia Los Feliz made some changes and shortened the name to Asia Bistro. Now it's under new new management and called Kuma Sushi. [Atwater Village Newbie]

MID-CITY: Not that it's difficult to get a ressie anywhere these days, but this should be good news to some: BLD now accepts reservations for breakfast, lunch or dinner during the week. Saturday and Sunday brunch, however, is still limited to large parties. [EaterWire]

VENICE: It was a long arduous process, but Axe finally gets patio seating after two-year permit battle. When owner Joanna Moore applied for permits to seat an extra 25 people, she had to come up with the 12 extra parking spaces to go with it. Some neighbors opposed the plan, others rallied in favor. Moore says: "It’s turned into a political thing. This is not a nightclub; it’s just a garden with 25 seats. It’s shocking that the city isn’t ushering us through this to celebrate the weather and the quality of life in L.A." [Daily Dish]

CALABASAS: In addition to fast food ban proposals, the LA City Council members would look at a motion to change the name of El Canon Avenue, a small street near the Sagebrush Cantina, to Bob McCord Way today. The change would be in honor McCord, who opened the restaurant in 1974, a place still known for margaritas, bikers and antique circus artifacts. He died in May at age 69. [LAist]