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Not So Happy Meal: The South LA Fast Food Ban

The fast food ban proposed for South LA goes to committe today at 2pm and everyone's weighing in. Council woman Jan Perry wants to stop any new chain restaurants like McDonald's and KFC from opening in a 32-square-mile chunk of the city, including her district, because the area is already home to an approximated 400 fast food restos. This, she says, contributes to the high childhood obesity rate in the area. There are plenty of advocates for the proposal, including the Los Angeles Times editorial page. Others believe the measure violates freedom of choice, including Jot Condie, president of the California Restaurant Association: "We have a fundamental problem with government stepping in and treating restaurants as if they are engaged in activity that is at the root of the obesity epidemic," he tells the Wall Street Journal. Locals are on the fence. On one hand, just because they stop building new fast food restaurants doesn't mean existing ones will sit empty---they're cheap, accessible and the kids like it. On the other, there is a shortage of choice in the area and more sit-down eateries, even chains, would be welcome. (Photo via Curbed)
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