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EaterWire: Luckyfish Mobile, Lost Souls Cafe Renovations, Local's Night Downtown

BEVERLY HILLS: Luckyfish started delivery service a few months ago, but in August they'll start using the Smart Car for all deliveries. We're not sure what the benefits of using a Smart Car are, but at least it's easier on the eyes than some other resto mobiles. [EaterWire]

DOWNTOWN: The Lost Souls Cafe will start closing on Saturdays for the next month (or longer) to expand the service area and "make better use of existing space." There will be a new menu to go along with the renovations, but details are still being worked out. And that liquor license they finally got in January isn't being put to good use: No booze being sold right now. [Angelenic]

DOWNTOWN: The Patina Group continues hosting "local's night" parties at various venues downtown. On Thursday, July 24, the party will be at Kendall's with free food from 6pm-7pm (pate, charcuterie) and drink specials from 6pm-10pm ($5 wines, $4 beer, $5 raspberry mojitos). [EaterWire Inbox]