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Inside The Doheny: Have the Bloggers Learned Nothing?

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Image from Diglounge

A blogger at Diglounge got himself invited to The Doheny, Cedd Moses' downtown "secret" members-only lounge. He tried some tequilas and specialty cocktails made by one of the fancifully dressed bartenders, and he even chatted with Moses himself, which really sealed the deal: He's so enthralled with The Doheny, he considers giving up his cable and gym membership for the initial signing $2,750 fee plus with the $2200 annual fee. Our advice: Before choosing booze over treadmills, consider that cocktails by former Doheny/Moses bartenders can be found at several other spots around town. And remember, the last time a blogger blogged about her night at the Doheny, she was banned...from all of Moses' establishments. We know the idea of no crowds and a secret location is part of the draw, but it's really not as secret as you might think. Keep the cable.
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