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Kumo Shuttered, Hamasaku Melrose Coming Soon

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Spotted on Melrose Avenue last night: Kumo papered up, a chunk of the front taken out by what we assume was a car (it must come in threes), and signage claiming this will soon be Hamasaku Melrose. Kumo only opened in September, we got an inside view in October, and it wasn't but a few weeks ago that The Hills filmed a scene at the restaurant. But the high price tag and little substance didn't seem to wow Miss Irene nor many others. It never looked like a packed house.

But the flacks flacked: "A striking vision in design and culinary skill, Kumo Restaurant is establishing itself as a destination for L.A.’s most influential executives, foodies and fashionistas, who are reserving regular tables and vying for seats at the entryway bar for inventive cocktails." Apparently they weren't vying too much because Michael Ovitz is already changing it to something more familiar, even tolerable. We don’t have an official explanation about the shutter yet or whether the "cloud," Ovitz's "vision," will change much inside, but we hear they're hoping to reopen in a few weeks.
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