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EaterWire: Abbey Additions, Dessert Decadence, Vinoteque's Barbecue, Chile Relleno Throwdown

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WEST HOLLYWOOD: Looks like The Abbey's been throwing some of that SBE money around. The WeHo fave has a few tweaks this summer: the back cabanas are now banquettes, there's new furniture in the main bar and VIP area, new fabrics, stenciled tables, but the same overall gothic vibe; and the breakfast, lunch and dinner menus have new additions. And then there's the Abbey CD compilation. Yes, you heard us right. Take home the sounds of the Abbey. What will they think of next.[EaterWire Inbox]

HOLLYWOOD: Drink.Eat.Play has another sugar/booze fest coming up with Dessert Decadence at Boulevard 3 on Sunday (6/27). Sweet treats from STK, One Sunset, Kiss My Bundt and?Nesquick...among others. That should go well with the wines offered. Chocolate chard, anyone? [EaterWire Inbox]

CULVER CITY: Vinoteque celebrates Oktoberfest early with their “Backyard” Neighborhood BBQ Series this Saturday (6/26). Grilled sausages, sauerkraut, cold beer. 5pm-8pm, $28 per person. Plus, free live music on some nights (jazz tonight, African soul on Friday). [EaterWire]

TELEVISION: Bobby Flay had a chile relleno "Throwndown" with Bell's La Casita Mexicana last night. We don't know the outcome (Hounds don't spoil) but it airs again this Saturday at 4pm. [Chowhound]