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Temporary Shutter: Mes Amis Bistro

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A tipster was turned away from happy hour at Mes Amis yesterday because the restaurant was closed: "I asked one of the waitresses at Cuba Libre next door what happened, and she confirmed that the French resto is out of business." Like Kula (below), Mes Amis opened in November---is eight months the new first year?---and only last week we called to check on Bastille Day availability and they had plenty. We got a hold of the owner Chip Garamella who says: "We are temporarily closed due to lease negotiations. Should be complete shortly. Don't write us off to soon." In similar news, a separate tipster sends word that the adjacent Cuba Libre (the other half of the former Tiger Lily) is changing its name to Cuba de Oro,. Perhaps these two occurrences have to do with each other?
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