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On the Market: Kula Sushi Bistro

Alen Lin, 12/10/07

Restaurants are opening and closing so fast these days, there's barely time to even consider them for the Deathwatch. Here's a for sale listing for Kula Sushi Bistro, which opened in the former Aphrodisiac space last November. It seemed like Century City would be a no-brainer for a decent Japanese restaurant---high-traffic area, lots of businesses---but something just isn't catching. They tried to lure customers with a cheap happy hour (50% off drinks, $4 sushi) and, most recently, the lunchtime $10 sushi roll plate. (The restaurant is still open, so there's still time to hit all the specials.) But if you're in the market for 10,000-square-foot sushi spot: $1.2 mil for all fixtures, furniture, licenses and permits. Keep it sushi, but the sellers also assure it's "easily adaptable to other cuisine."
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