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EaterWire: Seven to Become 24K, Bartleby at Forty Deuce, Tommy Ray's Closed, Melting Pot Tours

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WEST HOLLYWOOD: Seven nightclub is undergoing a golden renovation---real gold paint (at $100 a gallon), golden chandeliers and champagne buckets, wood paneling that looks like a Bentley dashboard---to reemerge as 24K in August. Not because there's a Seven Grand and Seven restaurant downtown, just because gold is the "purest of all metals" says one of the owners. The rest of the world simplifies, others Trumpisize. [Metromix]

HOLLYWOOD: The name of the former Forty Deuce space is out: Bartleby. The space will have a Brutalist design, courtesy Kris Keith and Spacecraft Design. [Metromix]

STUDIO CITY: From a tipster: Tommy Rays on Ventura is closed, "bought by the guy who owns la Loggia." There's a lengthy outgoing phone message as if it's still open, but currently offline on OpenTable. That's all we know for now. [EaterWire Inbox]

FAIRFAX & THIRD: A new food tour starts this weekend (first day was today, but again tomorrow, Saturday July 26), Melting Pot Tours led by sisters Lisa and Diane Scalia. The tour is limited to 12 and starts at the Farmers Market, makes its way through various shops and stalls and then heads down 3rd Street to the Cook's Library where a DASH bus will take you back to the market. Cost is $49. [EaterWire Inbox]