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Shutter Rumors: E. Baldi on Its Way Out

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Rumors that E. Baldi in Beverly Hills is on the outs have been swirling for some time now, and today, some proof: A restaurant called Tiger Japanese Cuisine filed a liquor license transfer for 375 North Canon Drive with the ABC, the same address as the Italian resto. A quick phone call today, and Baldi was open and sounded busy, bustling even. It's pretty official once the ABC notice is up, so we expected a staffer could verify the shuttering, but the person who answered said she doesn't know for sure, "but people have been asking lately." (Hint: That would be the first sign you should ask the boss if you'll have a job next week.) Chef/owner Edoardo Baldi was busy cooking during the lunch rush, so we couldn't confirm the news. But the last time we tried to confirm a similar rumor, he was pissed.

Back in December, Jay Weston's Restaurant Newsletter---an old-school (print only!) collection of reviews, gossip, interviews and the like---reported that E. Baldi was closing, "a victim of family strife, so-so food, hauty manners." This wasn't too far off the mark. Miss Irene was not thrilled with the restaurant in her review, and others have complained about the high prices and rude service. As for family strife, all we know is Edoardo cooked at his family's other restuarant, Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica, before he struck out on his own. When we checked with the chef in December, he told us the Weston story was untrue, that the restaurant was not closing, not for sale, and he doesn't know where that information came from. According to Weston, he received a lawyer's letter and "threatening phone calls" from Baldi after the story went to print, so he printed a correction in the next issue. Well, Jay, sweet justice: E. Baldi wasn't closing then, but it looks like it will be soon.
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