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Sushi Goa?

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A text from Goa, the Michael Sutton and Adolfo Suaya "supperclub" on Cahuenga, from the weekend: "Full Yu & Mi Sushi menu by owner and exec chef Ted Fujita. Best Sushi in the City!" with a phone number for reservations. And this begs the question: Goa serves food? Words like "dinertainment" are used on the website, but it's nothing but dancing, asshole bouncers, expensive drinks, getting kicked out for bottle service from the Yelpers (with a fun little story of what sounds like a police raid, to boot). We suspect the sushi push has something to do with licensing and permits---without the proper license for dancing, a place has to serve food so it doesn't look like a nightclub. At least they could make it believable: Goa is not the first place that comes to mind for "the best sushi in the city." [~ELA~]