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RIP Los Angeles Tofu Festival

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For the last 12 years, the Los Angeles Tofu Fest lured fans of the humble bean curd to Little Tokyo, but blogstress Sha in LA laments its demise. Even with the sweltering August heat, thousands would show up to chow on tofu in all sorts of culinary concoctions (tofu tostadas, tofu pizza, soy margaritas), but after relocating last year, low attendance finally got the best of the event. At the time LAist heard 2007 would be the finale, and so it is. From the official festival website:

Thank you for your many years of support. We’ve enjoyed delicious tofu dishes with you under the sun for the last twelve years and thank you for helping to make the LA Tofu Festival one of the top food festivals in Los Angeles. As redevelopment in Little Tokyo and Downtown Los Angeles continues to boom, venues for such a large scale event have become scarce.

As they say, all good things must come to an end and so the Little Tokyo Service Center (LTSC) says farewell to the LA Tofu Festival. We hope you will continue to frequent the restaurants, shops and events in Little Tokyo.

It's sad to lose any food festival in LA, and the Tofu Fest wasn't pricey for what you got. Too bad Mode never worked out---the mural along the banquette side of the restaurant could've served as a memorial. [Photo credit: Flickr]
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