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EaterWire: Blues Tuesdays at The Foundry, More Delays For Cafe Was, Starbucks Breakfast Sandwiches Stay, More

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MELROSE: In case you haven't planned for tonight, The Foundry at Melrose started a bluesy live music night on Tuesdays. The blues, blues-inspired cocktails, some Southern-inspired dishes added on to the regular lounge menu (grilled cheese and short rib or barbecue pork belly sandwich, fried green tomatoes, braised mustard greens), plus beers and ciders. Playing tonight: Jay & Bosco of 50 Cent Haircut. 8pm-10pm in the lounge. [EaterWire Inbox]

HOLLYWOOD: We last heard Ivan Kane's Cafe Was (actually spelled Wa s but that's just annoying) would open on July 30. Naturally, it's pushed back. The website now says "August 2008," and we're told it should happen in about three weeks. [EaterWire]

BUCKSWIRE: Once embarrassed by the food offerings in his Starbucks empire, Howard Schultz and Co. have decided to keep the breakfast sandwiches on the menu but they're going to de-stinkify them. Per a Bucks spokesperson: "We're not reversing our breakfast sandwich strategy. Rather, it's an evolution." Isn't everything? [WSJ]

LAT: When we recently spoke with Leslie Brenner, who left the LAT food section to become acting editor of the now defunct monthly magazine, she said she was staying on at the paper even as 150 or so editors were dropping around her. But LA Observed confirms that she's leaving. At least she's going out on a high note: People are still talking about her scathing Gladstone's review, her swan song. [LAO]