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More Silver Lake Plywood Tracking: Reservoir

That strip of Silver Lake Boulevard by Spaceland has seen a lot of dining turnover in the last few months. LA Mill opened, Back Door Bakery and Michelangelo's both closed, and then plans for Reservoir at the Netty's location surfaced. The space looked untouched for months, but it looks like some serious improvements are currently in the works---the ugly fencing is gone, there's a new barrier out front, painting is afoot. It definitely won't open this month as chef/owner Gloria Felix had hoped, but it's not far off: She and partner Darren Roberts are hoping for a late-August debut if all goes well. Felix, who played a Gordon Ramsay sous chef on Hell's Kitchen this season, has a good pedigree having worked in some of the top kitchens in town (A.O.C., Lucques, Grace and Jar). She says the focus will be Californian, seasonal, local ingredients as much as possible. Reservoir is teensy holding about 40 or so inside, with a little bar and a few stools, plus some patio tables; eventually they hope to have an edible garden out back. When they do open, expect dinner first and then maybe weekend brunch.
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