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Top Cheffage

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Once again, filming for Top Chef 5 is underway and the Mothership is diligently tracking, stalking and outing as many tips in New York as possible. So far Bravo hasn't released the name of the cheftestants so the most fun anyone who can't glimpse the entourage hitting up every Whole Foods in a 20-mile radius (we admit, we are a bit envious) can have is trying to figure out who is or isn't on the show. Although Colicchio told us he couldn't "remember" if there was an LA chef this season, one Eater NY commenter says there is: Someone named Stacey who's been private cheffing for Don Rickles and his family, and possibly a teacher at the Chefmakers. Completely unconfirmed...unless, of course, someone out there knows and wants to comment. [ENY/ELA]