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EaterWire: Cafe Stella Grows, Village Idiot's "Worst Table"

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Here's your daily dose of the EaterWire, for all sorts of restaurant news that's fit to blog. Have a tip? Hit the tip jar on your way out.

SILVER LAKE: Cafe Stella got a little bit bigger, per Daily Dish: "The tables on the patio are highly coveted, but there's spillover room in the two small rooms that house the quaint bar and a separate dining room, which now fits a few more tables." [Daily Dish]

MELROSE: After our call to action, we actually got some great submissions for LA's Worst Table. Of course the only thing that could make these better are pictures, but we'll take what we can get for now. Here's one example for the Village Idiot: "Our party was once seated at a booth/chair combo on the east side of the restaurant next to a service station/credit terminal and directly across from the kitchen door. It was not that it had uncomfortable seats, but you were literally marooned from the rest of the restaurant and surrounded by the congregating servers. If it were totally a pub I wouldn't give an F, but the Cat&Fiddle doesn't serve goat cheese tarts and warm frisee salads..." [EaterWire]

And with that, we bid you adieu until Monday. If you haven't already, time to pop open that rose and light up those grills. And, hey, watch where you stick those sparklers, will ya? Happy 4th!