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Centeno's Tasting Menus Are Back: Nightly at Lot 1

Tipped off by Chowhound that Josef Centeno started his tasting menus at Lot 1 Cafe, we knew we needed specifics. Everybody raved about Centeno's tasting menus at Opus---at the height only $10 per course until you cried uncle, then to $30 for seven courses---Jonathan Gold, the Hounds, pesky Yelpers, everyone raved not only for Centeno's eclectic vision (there might be a miss in a sea of hits), but for the sheer value. Enter Lot 1's DEGA menus, short for 'degustation,' are now available every day with reservation (without if there's available seating). It's still spontaneous and "chef's choice," now priced at $50 for four courses and $12 for each additional course. And before you start complaining about the higher price, it's not like you haven't heard about rising food costs and a bad economy, so simmer. Also, note: Beer and wine license is still in progress and still no BYOB, and good news, the AC has been fixed so no more unexpected closings when the thermometer hits 100.

(verrine) shot glass of chilled fennel pollen custard, emincee of rhubarb and strawberry with soft poached quail egg, pine nut brittle

raw trio (tasting of jack family) sashimi of trevally, burnt leek oil, cube of yellowtail, tonburi and white soy escabeche of horse mackerel, sherry and olive oil with preserved lemon

manila clam veloute with abalone, crispy pork jowel, monterrey bay squid

old chatham cod, sauteed italian parsley, shellfish bearnaise with celery leaf salad

pied de cochon (piggy trotter), caramelized pickled peach, fresh garbanzo beans, red wine redux

port poached black mission fig crumble with long pepper ice cream
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