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EaterWire: Minor Earthquake Damage, Pinkberry Holding Pattern, Pasadena Deathwatch Noms

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HOLLYWOOD: We haven't heard about much about restaurants suffering damage from yesterday's earthquake, but our photographer had to postpone his shoot at The Kress today because of glass issues. Reps confirm: "Yes, one of the front windows broke but everything is under control!" All systems are go tonight and onward. [EaterWire]

WEHO/HOLLYWD: Not sure if the Onslaught is in a holding pattern or if it's just taking longer than usual to open a shop these days: The Pinkberry at 8000 Sunset is still under construction, as is the one on Hollywood Boulevard next to S Bar (near Vine). Are there more stalled Pinkberries out there? [Racked LA; EaterWire]

PASADENA: A tipster has a few nominees for the Deathwatch: "Thaitalian closed and a cheap self-serve Asian food joint opened (with frozen yogurt and kept most of the decor from two restaurants ago)---at 9pm on a Friday night only one table was occupied. And Mojitos has coupons now... Sunday brunch buy one get one free. Deathwatch!" Officially under consideration. [EaterWire Inbox]