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Eater Inside: 8 oz. Burger Bar

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We had some pre-openings shots of 8 oz. Burger Bar but here's the finished product. Look at the tin ceilings and subway tiles gleam! The reclaimed wood wainscoting is a nice touch and actually gives this place more of a western feel than, say, a New York-inspired bar. What we appreciate most is that it not longer looks like a goth lounge, which is what the last incarnation of Table 8 was before transforming into this burger bar. There's been lots of buzz already, with praise for Govind Armstrong's menu, the burgers, onion rings, beer selection, and criticism for the $1 ketchup (the housemade stuff is still $1, but Heinz is now avail by request) and the bun (also addressed). Point is, they're working out the kinks. Hours are still a bit tricky, too: Doors open at 6pm, but eventually they'll open 3pm-2am. Best advice is to call in advance during this "soft" phase. More previously.