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Dude, You're a Bartender

It's not quite a moratorium on mixology, but Gorumet's Francis Lam is calling a stop to using the word: "I get that you’re doing something seriously and you want to make that known. I’m into that. I’m into the pieces of fruit and the obscure booze. I’m into the work and creativity you put into it. It’s interesting. It’s dignified. But while you can be doing something unique, something intensive, you’re still not doing something new. If you’re not inventing a new profession, why do you insist on a new word for what you do? That’s just being pompous. Being pompous is not the same as being dignified." As he says, what's next, the grillologist, expeditologist, coldappsologist and the fearless diswashologists? [ELA; Gourmet]