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Kitchen Nightmares Revisited

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Last night a rerun of Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares aired on FOX, and we got sucked right back in: It was the Sebastian's episode. Don't remember? It is so worth a watch. We only hope chef Sebastian's "concept," his antics, delusions and verbal attacks on Ramsay weren't staged because it is pure 100% entertainment. (Watch the full episode here.) But even better, it reminded us to go back to the original Sebastian's post because the crazy man himself---so it would seem---completely loses it in comments. After the KN experience, we're pretty sure Sebastian went back to his choose-your-own-sauce ways, shuttered the Toluca Lake restaurant, which has since become Robano's, the new pizzeria from former Albano's owner Anthony Albano, a possible KN candidate in its own right.
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