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Plywood Report: Wurstkuche Downtown, Unnamed in Venice, Kay & Dave's, Le Saint Amour

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DOWNTOWN: "I live and work in the Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles and I noticed some construction taking place at 800 East 3rd Street, right across the street from Zip Fusion and E 3rd. I stopped by and one of the owner’s told me they are opening a 3,000-square-foot space that will feature a bar, lounge, and possible nightclub. They will also have gourmet sausages for takeout. I think they're trying to secure a full liquor license as well. It looks like it may come online in the next couple of months." Angelenic actually had the goods on this one a few months ago and said it would open in phases; June would be the tentative first wave (which means October in the real world). The place is called Wurstküche, owned by Joseph Pitruzzelli and Tyler Wilson. [PLYWOOD]

VENICE: Some new Plywood shots of the unnamed Abbot Kinney spot next to Wabi Sabi. A few people told us it would be a steakhouse of some sort, owned by some of the Wabi Sabi partners, but now we're not so sure it's really a steakhouse. But calls have been placed, more details soon. [PLYWOOD]

CULVER CITY: It didn’t take long for someone to scoop up that Pacifico's location: Kay & Dave's will open an outpost, their fourth. Per the website, they expect an early 2009 debut. [PRE-PLYWOOD]

CULVER CITY: Above we have a rendering for Le Saint Amour, the new French bistro from Bruno and Florence Herve-Commereuc who once owned Angelique Cafe downtown. They're still shooting for an August debut. [POST-PLYWOOD]