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What's Really the Douchiest Bar or Club in LA?

Sometimes it takes a village for an idea. An IM string from yesterday:

Friend of Eater: From Metromix: The Douchiest Bar in LA
FOE: You should do a poll for this
FOE: Have people vote on the Douchiest Bar in LA
FOE: We're already brainstorming for you
FOE (to Friend of Friend of Eater): there have to be some sports bars
FOFOE: Howl at the Moon, Universal Walk
FOE: I don't even know that one
FOFOE: It's awful! AWFUL! actually any bar at Universal Walk
FOFOE: Maybe put O Bar in there so we acknowledge there are gay douchebags as well?
FOFOE: We shouldnt be so heterosexist
FOE: Edison on the weekends
FOE: or happy hour
FOFOE: I think the Happy Ending might be a douchebag bar. It looks like a d-bag crowd when I drive by some times
FOE: Oh totally!
FOFOE: Sadly, The Woods is being run over by douchebags too
ELA: Goa?
FOE: h yeah
ELA: Actually, ANY Los Angeles trendy club
FOE: That makes it too easy
ELA: LA makes it too easy
FOE: True
FOE: Then maybe it should be "most surprisingly douchy bar in LA"
ELA: Yes, the hidden douchebag bar
FOE: or just automatically disqualify Cahuenga Corridor

And so we bring it to you, folks: What is the douchiest bar in LA? We'll take your suggestions in Comments or email for a poll and we'll crown us a winner.