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The Evolution of Pinkberry: Èple Opens

With so much chatter about how unnatural Pinkberry's "natural" frozen yogurt is/was, it's fair to say Èple can be seen as the company's only real recourse. We spotted Èple signage at the Farmers Market at 3rd and Fairfax several months ago, questioned what exactly an èple is and learned that the word means "apple" in Norwegian. Pinkberry staffers from the adjacent swirling station told us Èple would be a fruit stand, and then, keeping to the Pinkberry secret code of honor, quickly said they didn't know what it would be. Well, kids, it's a fruit stand. Blackburn & Sweetzer got a taste of the newly opened spot: "It sells fruit bowls, fruit juices, fancy fruit sandwiches, fruit butter, fruity honey and other fruit-infused or -based items...I got a mango-ginger-honey-lemon juice, which was close to $4. Expensive? Yes...I appreciated it wasn’t a whole meal in itself a la Jamba Juice and the rest." Sigh...expect the Èple juice bar onslaught to
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