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Americana at Brand: Now With More Food Kiosks

Rick Caruso isn't wrong: People love shopping outdoors in LA...unless it's a blazing hot, hazy Glendale day. There were a few upsides to our mid-afternoon stop at Americana at Brand today. Parking was a breeze, everyone seemed to move in the same languid pace we could muster, the moms-with-strollers weren't too annoying, and most restaurants were half empty---Katsuya, Frida, even the Cheesecake Factory didn't have a line. We haven't been since the very first day, but all the food kiosks are now open for business, although on a day like today you could hear a pin drop around most of them. If the staffers weren't reading (Beard Papa), they were just kind of standing around (Tollhouse Cookie place, even though it's right next to the kiddie playground), but we suppose a hot valley Monday right after the Fourth of July isn't going to be gangbusters anyway. If only Caruso could figure out how to air condition the walkways...
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