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The Bob's Big Boy Circle of Life

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Bob's on Wilshire (left) via Curbed; Bob's in Downey (right) via Downey Patriot

The restaurant circle of life is a beautiful thing. Please recall that the Bob's Big Boy on Wilshire, open since 1972, one of the last examples of the Chula Vista architectural style left, was toughing it out against a BMW dealership that wanted to raze the building for its new car lot. The manager and workers tried to get landmark status to save the diner, but according to the Larchmont Chronicle, that fight was lost. The restaurant is now closed, the building fenced, and the Beemers should move in sometime next year. But when one Bob's Big Boy dies, another arises. Bob's made it official today: New owners will finish demolition and clean up of Johnie's Broiler in Downey, which was illegal razed by an owner last year, to rebuild a new Bob's Big Boy in it's place. According to the Downey Patriot, the new Bob's will be built to Johnie's original design and specifications, down to the stone walls, wood trimming, and side-by-side carhop service stalls. Owner Jim Louder hopes it will open by January.
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