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Warren Schwartz Postscript

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A word from chef Warren Schwartz on leaving Whist for the Westside Tavern, set to open this fall in the Westside Pavilion: "I will miss my family at the Viceroy. They have been so supportive, and I have learned a ton. That being said, I am so excited about taking all that I have learned in fine dining, and applying to to a more value driven restaurant concept. It goes without saying that fine dining is struggling in many ways to stay profitable, and I am sure time will prove circular, and again reinvent itself, but for now this is the future. In many ways I believe this is LA cutting edge. It may not be served on Bernardaud china, but it is what the people want." [EaterWire]

Westside Tavern

10850 W Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90064 310 470 1539 Visit Website