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EaterWire: Chef Change at Ammo, More Luna Park Specials, Hearst Launching

HOLLYWOOD: Looks like Ammo has a new chef: Julia Wolfson, who previously worked at Le Bernardin and Blue Hill in Manhattan and Applewood in Brooklyn. Wolfson's menu keeps Ammo's seasonal/organic focus via dishes like grilled baby octopus with summer bean salad or ricotta and mint ravioli with braised lamb ragout. Owner Amy Sweeney's still haning out in Ojai. [Daily Dish]

MIRACLE MILE: If the little plastic drink animals aren't a giveaway, Luna Park likes to have fun, usually in the form of some themed special. The latest: Blue Mondays where different menu items are almost half price (Blue Plate Specials, or $10-$12) served on?wait for it?actual blue plates. Drink specials, some discounted, will also be served in blue glasses. Ok, we're all for discounted meals, but the gimmicks. Oh, the gimmicks. [EaterWire Inbox]

ONLINE FOOD WORLD: Hearst Magazine and MSN are teaming up to launch this fall, a site they predict will automatically become one of the "top 10 food-related destinations online." The early press release doesn't reveal the site's specific angle but officials say it will "showcase daily, original features and our magazines' winning content on food and entertaining." We'll see. [Eater]