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Plywood Montana Ave Edition: Andrew's Cheese Shop Opens Soon, R+D Kitchen Spiffing Up

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Looks like two fairly delayed projects on tony Montana Avenue are finally rounding the corner and should open sometime this month. See something ready to bow in your neighborhood? The Plywood Tipline is always open.

1) Andrew's Cheese Shop: Former Foundry GM and cheese whiz (damn, we did it again) from Patina Andrew Steiner plans to his gourmet goods shop---fine cheeses from around the world, all the appropriate accoutrements, beer, wine---on Montana near Lincoln this month. A reader sent these snaps of the new awning and signage spotted this week, but said it still looks pretty raw inside. We'll forgive Steiner the pun "This Place Stinks!" used as a tagline, if he forgives our constant use of 'cheese whiz' for fromager. [POST-PLYWOOD; previously]

2) R+D Cafe: It's amazing what workers can do in just a few short weeks. Not too long ago, we saw mucho construction going on at R+D Kitchen, the new concept from the Hillstone Group (Houstons, Gulfstream, R&D Cafe), but now the space is de-plywooded with big garage door-size windows---if they open, total bonus for the neighborhood---and final touches all about. We know they were shooting to open in July and they've been aggressively looking for staff, so it could happen. [POST-PLYWOOD]