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More DOH Wrath: Ciao Trattoria, Locanda Veneta, Bar Marmont, La Frite and More

Since we haven't checked the LA County Department of Health restaurant closures recently, and we don't have camerman hunkered down in front of celeb-visited spots a la TMZ, we figured it's time for a quick overview to see who else felt the DOH wrath. Some findings:

1) Champagne French Bakery Cafe: The West Hollywood location (8917 Santa Monica Blvd) was closed for a day for "No potable water supply or no hot water."

2) Ciao Trattoria: The downtown eatery lost two days of business for "vermin harborage and infestation."

3) Juices Fountain: We knew it was having some problems, but the reason for the "C" rating in June: "gross contamination of utensils/equipment, vermin harborage, vermin infestation."

4) La Frite: The Sherman Oaks restaurant was cited for vermin and closed for two days in June.

5) Locanda Veneta: The Third Street Promenade restaurant lost a couple days in June for contaminated utensils and vermin.

6) Pacific Theaters at Americana at Brand: Ok, so not a restaurant per se, but it's notable that the theater didn't have hot water and closed for a day in June.

7) Bar Marmont: This one kind of stings. Not such a good showing for chef Carolyn Spence: closed for two days in April for "gross contamination of utensils/equipment" and "vermin infestation."
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