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Hell's Kitchen Winner and New Chef at Gordon Ramsay

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If you didn't watch the season finale of Hell's Kitchen last night, here's a full recap of the episode. Really, that might be all you need. But a winner was announced, and although we had spoilers for both contestants, the one about Christina "already working" at Gordon Ramsay sounded the most legit, no matter how many people tried to unspoil the spoilage. Plus, there's the whole thing about how "fit" Ramsay likes his chefs, and really, the pretty little Christina vs. an aging work-horse like Petrozza just seemed more, um, suitable for Ramsay's LA kitchen. And so it is Christina, who Ramsay "saw potential and drive." She supposedly gets $250,000 and a sous chef position---definitely not the exec chef slot promised over and over and over again throughout the season. We asked before and we have to ask again: What do the cooks who've been working to keep that restaurant afloat, especially Andy Cook who's running the show and put in plenty of years with the Ramsay organization, think about Miss Christina sauntering in there? We're yet to find out. But we will find out what Christina thinks about coming to LA straight from culinary school on Thursday, when we talk with her under the watchful ears of the FOX publicity department. Stay tuned.
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